We have over 15 years of
video production experience, 
food & product photography experience, and brand marketing experience.

Creating work for numerous advertising agencies, regional companies, entrepreneurs,
local food products and restaurants.


We are not only videographers we are animators, graphic designers, photographers sculpters and printmakers. We start from a place of fine art and are always looking for ways to translate the five senses across the screen.

Filling In The Gap

Most professional video production companies operate on delusions of grandeur
attempting to fulfill their dreams of being Martin Scorsese. All the while, they escalate your budget costs and add very little in active sales or brand sustainability.

On the other end, you have your young inexperienced kid with a phone unable to create a comprehensive strategy and lacking the production skills to be efficient.

the Weekly Yum fills the gap

We produce creativity on a budget, drive actual sales and set your brand up for long term success. We specialize in being laser-focused on your targeted goals. Very few production companies know how to create high quantity videos alongside high quality. We do, and we have been doing it for over 15 years.

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